Lillian Medville is the creator and facilitator of Your Privilege is Showing. She developed this unique experience-based card game that allows for conversations about privilege and social justice through her own personal evolution with understanding culture and power. Lillian is an artist, filmmaker, actress, and writer. She graduated from NYU's Tisch school for drama in 2004 and went on to make her own web series starting in 2011 and continuing today called Lillian's Test Kitchen. Lillian also works with socially aligned businesses to serve them in sharing their vision through the power of short film.

Lillian has written a memoir about first-hand experiences dealing with the emotional impact of changing her diet and recovering from violent trauma called Learning to Eat. She shares her writing in public readings and spoken word presentations with humanitarian audiences. Her Art and Bravery social media project is an ongoing representation of daily acts of bravery that are required to be an artist. Lillian is creative and honest in her approach to doing what works through art. She works on projects related to social justice, bravery, and permission to be exactly who you are.